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Hooklift Operated Woodchip Blowers

Woodchip blowers are delivering a lighter, less dense and less uniform product than pellets and so are catering for a higher volume. The air volume/pressure requirements are different to pellets and to provide the best flow rate require a different augur feed and air volume from the blower unit. Transmanut Woodchip Blowers are independently powered and encapsulated to minimise noise when discharging. As they discharge in the tipping position to feed the augur and rotary valve, the engine is mounted to work in this position.

An additional feature that is supplied with UK specification blowers is the fitment of a hydraulically driven agitator above the augur. As the moisture content of the chip increases, it flows less easily and can be subject to bridging. The provision of this agitator which is used when or just before bridging takes place ensures a steady flow of woodchip to the augur and cuts out the surging that can take place in other systems when there is no chip flowing to the rotary valve.




  • 30 cubic metre capacity (40 cu yd)  Transmanut Woodchip Blower for 6 wheeler operation
  • Hooklift operated so whole unit is demountable
  • Independently powered with its own blower
  • Features a fully soundproofed engine compartment to minimise noise (85 dBA) in operation
  • Remote control of stop/start and speed control
  • Supply of Dust Extraction unit carried on the body
  • Finish painted ready for your corporate livery

Woodchip Blower being loaded onto hookloader after filling with woodchip
Woodchip Blower recently supplied to Jack Moody Ltd for Woodchip and Bark deliveries

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Transmanut tipper/blowers for blown delivery of Woodchip

Customers wanting a dedicated woodchip tipper blower can have one fitted to their 6 or 8 wheel chassis to allow them to carry out both blown and tipped deliveries. Like all Transmanut Woodchip blowers, the permanent installations also feature radio remote control so the tipper function can be operated from the rear of the vehicle beside the control panel which allows control of the augur and rotary valve and sound insulation of the compressor to minimize noise emissions when discharging in retail/built up areas.

Video showing the Woodchip Blower in action

Agri tipper blowers for woodchip delivery

To cater for those customers who are required to offer a blown woodchip delivery and who have acces to a agricultural tractor or fastrack to power the unit, Transmanut have developed an agri tipper blower to cover this sector of the market. Drawing its power from the tractor or fastrack, the agri tipper blower allows customers into the market who need to deliver woodchip but not necessarily on a daily basis which would not justify the investment in a fully autonomous blower. The unit has a woodchip capacity of 30m3 and can offer a discharge rate of 0.8m3 per minute.

Non Tipping Discharge for blown delivery of Woodchip

Woodchip Blower discharging


  • A walking floor built into the bodywork feeds the augur & rotary valve
  • The bodywork is fully demountable
  • Option of an independent power unit built into the body or operated by pto from the vehicle chassis


Certain applications requiring a blown delivery might have height problems where it is not feasible or practical to tip the body for discharge. To meet these requirements, Hooklift Solutions can offer a version of its Woodchip Blower where the discharge equipment is fed by a Walking Floor in the body and so discharges in the horizontal without the need to tip. This model can be independently powered like our demountable Woodchip Blower or alternatively powered from a double aperture pto on the chassis itself.

An example of this type of bodywork has recently gone into service with the Isle of Man Department of Forestry.

Autonomous Walking Floor Woodchip Blower

Video showing the IOM Woodchip Blower with Walking Floor discharging