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Brough Biomass add another Transmanut to the delivery fleet

May 2022 

Another Transmanut  wood pellet delivery tanker has been put into service by Lancashire based Brough Biomass. Currently operating an 18 tonne DAF for the difficult access deliveries, the larger capacity deliveries can now be accomodated with this 26 tonne unit with a pellet capacity of 14 tonnes. Like all Transmanut Tankers, they are fitted with Class 3 Charge by Weight weighing systems and are suplied with dust extraction equipment so they are fully ENPlus compliant

Verdenergy adds another Transmanut pellet tanker to the fleet

November 2021

Yorkshire based Verdenergy have added another Transmanut wood pellet tanker to their fleet. Based on a new DAF CF410 FAN chassis which the customer supplied, this unit was supplied through Hooklift Solutions, UK distributors for Transmanut and features Class 3 'Charge by Weight' weighing system and is supplied with an earthing reel and dust extraction unit so is fully compliant to ENPlus standards. The unit was liveried at the factory so it can go straight into service. 

New 30/84 hooklift trailer for A C Shropshire Ltd

Well known for the HTS30 /70 & HTS30/90 models designed for operation with 6-7m containers and longer containers up to 9m in length, the latest model to be introduced is the HTS30/84. This model caters for those customers who deal with heavyweight bins which may not be uniformly loaded (e.g. if used on compactors) The 30/84 allows 7m bins to be carried further forward on the hooklift and ensure there are no issues with overloading. The trailer will be used to bring in surplus foods which can be reprocessed into animal feedstuffs.

Transmanut keep Brough Biomass delivering

October  2021

Brough Biomass are heading into the new Winter Heating Season with this DAF LF290  18 tonne pellet tanker.  The DAF LF is popular in this sector of the market with is low ULW, good turning circle and narrow cab which helps with access to those deliveries where space is restricted. The Transmanut pellet tanker bodywork was remounted from an existing chassis onto the new DAF chassis by Hooklift Solutions who were also responsible for the recertification of the Class 3 Weighing System.

New HTS 30 Walking Floor Container for Woodchip delivery




August 2021

This Walking Floor container has been supplied to assist AMP Clean Energy to make woodchip deliveries where it is not possible to carry out a tipped delivery  due to height restrictions or it is necessary feed an augur trough. The container is powered  from the hydraulic system on the hooklift and is demountable for loading or the fitment of alternative bodies. Hooklift Solutions  supply a range of Walking Floor containers both for static applications where they feed biomass to boiler installations and mobile appplications for the delivery of woodchip.

New HTS 30/90 for Forward Waste Management

28th December, 2020

This new HTS 30/90 is the latest hooklift trailer for the UK. Capable of carrying containers and compactor bins from 6.0m to 9.0m, the trailer is fitted with hydraulics to operate those compactor containers fitted with guillotine doors. It was built and finished in the Lechler Green which is the corporate colour for Cardiff based Forward Waste Management and will allow a 50% payload increase over their 8 wheel hooklifts to 22/23 tonnes in comparison to their current 8 wheel hooklifts.

Carrying a a 19.5 tonne crusher with a HTS 30/70 hooklift trailer

December 2020

The HTS 30/70 hooklift trailer is well known for its ability to carry roro containers with an increased payload of up to 22/23 tonnes. One of our customers, Duoskip has turned that to his advantage for carrying plant and uses it in conjuction with a plant carrying body to carry this 19.5 tonne crusher.

New pellet tanker fitted with Aspirac pellet extraction joins the B D Supplies fleet

November 2020

This new 18 tonne pellet tanker has joined the fleet at B D Supplies in Perth. In order to respond to clients who request silo cleaning, this unit is fitted with the Aspirac pellet extraction system built by Transmanut. This enables the tanker to carry out a silo clean and replenish with fresh pellets in one visit using one vehicle whereas previously, a seperate visit was required to replenish the wood pellets following the cleaning operation.

HTS30/70 heads to Benbecula

26th September, 2020

This new HTS30/70 hooklift trailer will shortly be added to the fleet of MacInnes Bros from the Western Isles.

With its ability to carry up to 23 tonnes in a standard ro-ro container, work with a plant carrying body to carry plant and equipment to site and be used as a tipper trailer with a high volume body, the unit is truly multi functional. With a payload capacity, 50% more than a standard 8 wheeler the work can be achieved in less trips.

Infinity Metals choose a demountable 'Mixto' skip loader from Hooklift Solutions

May 2020

Infinity Metals of Leeds have found an answer to their collection problem dealing with both roro containers and chainlift skips.

With the need to collect and deliver with both roro containers and chainlift skips, they required a hookloader and skiploader on the fleet. With their new 'Mixto' demountable skip loader from Hooklift Solutions, they can achieve 100% utilisation by adding the 'Mixto' to their existing hookloader and so do not need to operate with a seperate skip loader.

The 'Mixto' with its extra reach arms can handle the full range of chainlift skips and has a carrying capacity up to 14 tonnes. Operated with manual controls and also fitted with radio remote and a 'fast lift off' for empty skips. The demountable 'Mixto' can operate either as a rigid  or for longer journeys,  has been configured to work with a drawbar trailer.

LandEnergy hit the road with their new Transmanut

November, 2019

LandEnergy are now out delivering pellets with their new Transmanut pellet tanker which has had the weighing system calibrated and received its livery.

Three of the best for Duoskip

Ready to set off into service again, these three HTS 30/70 hooklift trailers can be regularly seen throughout Wales working for Aberwystwyth based Duoskip on their Utility contract. 

The best pellets deserve the best delivery system

September, 2019

LandEnergy of Givan feel they make the best quality pellets in the UK at a rate of 100,000 tonnes per year.In order for the customer to receive the best quality pellets, you need the best delivery system and so have added a new Transmanut Wood Pellet Delivery Tanker to their delivery fleet. This is the first new tanker they have bought and is seen here being handed over to John Lancaster, Head of Sales Development by Christian Savignard, CEO of Transmanut. The new tanker is mounted on a Volvo rear steer chassis and is fully ENPlus compliant complete with Moba Class III 'Charge by Weight' weighing system and dust extraction.

B D Supplies gears up for the Winter Heating Season

August 2019

This new 9 tonne capacity Transmanut wood pellet tanker is the latest tanker to join Perth based B D Supplies delivery fleet. With its short wheelbase and narrow body, it is ideal for those retail deliveries where access is key. It is equipped with Moba Class III charge by weight weighing and carries its own dust extraction unit so is fully ENPlus compliant.

AMP Clean Energy add another Transmanut, this time a 16 tonne GVW  Wood Pellet Tanker

April 2019

Following on the heels of its larger brothers, this 16t GVW DAF with a carrying capacity  of 9 tonnes of wood pellets will be helping AMP Clean Energy deliver to those clients that larger tankers cannot access. Supplied with the same features as the larger tankers,

Transmanut non tipping tanker bodywork, Moba Class 3 'Charge by Weight' weighing sytem and a Dust Extractor, this unit is also fitted 'On board' pellet screening and an electric sheeting system. With a wheelbase of only 3.25m, this unit has a footprint smaller than many 7.5 tonners.



AMP Clean Energy add a Transmanut 32t tridem to their pellet delivery fleet

March 2019

AMP Clean Energy will soon be adding this 32 tonne Volvo 8 x 2 tridem pellet tanker to their delivery fleet. The non tipping tanker is fully ENPlus compliant and features Class 3 charge by weight weighing by Moba,  Dust extraction and  a first for the UK market, 'On-board' pellet screening during delivery. Liveried athe plant with AMP's new corporate branding, the tanker has an electric sheeting syste,.

Red Horse Fuels take delivery of a new Transmanut Pellet Tanker fitted with pellet extraction

February 2019

Seen undergoing final testing at the plant, this 18 tonne DAF will soon be helping Red Horse Fuels cater for an increase in demand for  the pneumatic delivery wood pellets in Warwickshire and surrounding areas. It is fitted with Transmanut Wood Pellet Tanker bodywork and is ENPlus compliant and fitted with Class 3 'Charge by Weight' weighing and Dust Extraction Equipment. The tanker bodywork also features on board pellet extraction equipment allowing the unit to help with the recommended annual cleaning of pellet silos, thought to be the first installation on a vehicle of this size in the UK

IOM choose a Transmanut Modular Woodchip Blower

January 2019

This Modular Woodchip blower will shortly be helping the IOM  Department of Forestry with its deliveries of woodchip to those operators of biomass boilers on the Isle of Man. To reduce their dependence upon imported oil and utilise the renewable timber resources on the island, the government have installed biomass boilers in schools, nursing homes and sheltered accomodation units  and the Transmanut Woodchip blower ensures the supplies are delivered from the sawmil at St Johns.

HTS30/90 joins Major Farm Services

December 2018

This HTS30/90 hooklift trailer has entered service with Major Farm Services of Bicester. Conscious of a need to cater for heavier bins from their suppliers, by operating this 30/90, they can benefit from a payoad increase from 15 tonnes to 23 tonnes in their containers and so handle an increased tonnage with less trips. The HTS30 with its tilting neck helps reduce the loading angle of the container and the radio remote allows easy interchange between tractor units.

Transmanut & Ecovrac on display at Tip-ex18

June 2018

Hooklift Solutions had a pellet tanker built by Transmanut and a blower semi-trailer for cereals from sister company Ecovrac at this year's Tip-ex & Tank-ex exhibition. They were sited on the external display area next to the Majestic Hotel.

Both new and existing customers were able to see the products in detail and meet staff from the french factories.


A modular blower for RTS Ltd

June 2018

RTS Ltd based in Crieff in Perthshire have recently added this Transmanut Modular Blower to their fleet to help them service an increasing demand for blown woodchip deliveries. The unit was supplied by Hooklift Solutions  and the modular blower is powered by the Perkins 404F autonomous diesel that complies with the latest tier IV emissions. The unit can hold 30m3 of G30-50 woodchip and has a discharge rate of 30m3 per hour. 

Delivering with a demountable

May 2018

B D Supplies new demountable pellet  tanker has now been liveried up and is now helping them cope with the increasing demand for blown pellet deliveries in Perthshire and surrounding areas.

When not equipped with its tanker bodywork it can be seen with a curtainsided body delivering pallets of bagged wood pellets for customers with smaller capacity boilers


HTS 30/90 hooklift trailers goes into service with GWE Biogas

April 2018

GWE Biogas have 

added to their flexibility with the supply of a HTS 30/90 hooklift semi trailer from Hooklift Solutions. Already operating tanker trailers with their artic units, the hooklift trailer allows them to collect and deliver their own containers carrying digestate which previously had to be sub contracted. As  some of the containers are open topped the trailer has been specified with a sheeting system.

9m long Walking Floor container for Ecotec

March 2018

On delivery to Berry Recycling in Droitwich, this 9m long Walking Floor Container is designed to feed recycled wood to fuel a purpose built biomass boiler installation for biomass installers,

Ecotec. The boiler is fitted with a filtration system to handled recycled waste wood so the impurities can be burnt off and recovered.

Latest pellet tanker for the UK joins Verdenergy

March 2018

This 15 tonne pellet tanker is the latest Transmanut Wood Pellet Tanker to come to the UK and will join the growing fleet of Yorkshire based Verdenergy to help them cope with growing pellet demand. Fitted with Class III on board weighing and dust extraction equipment, this unit has been specified so that the electrically operated dust extractor can be powered directly from the vehicle.

Transmanut Wood Pellet Tanker heads to Japan

January, 2018

Thought to be the first  purpose built wood pellet tanker to enter service in Japan, this 18 tonne GVW pellet tanker is now on its way to Yokohama by sea.

The unit was chosen as it is a non tipping design,

with low overall height and ease of loading. It will be capable of supplying pellets to customers with restricted access due to narrow streets in the areas it will be working.

Hooklift Solutions were chosen to supply the unit as Japan are right hand drive like the UK and are experienced in right hand drive vehicles. The pellet tanker has been supplied with Class III on board weighing, dust extraction, and a reversing camera system  

Afterwood choose a Transmanut tipper/blower for their pellet delivery

December 2017

Lincolnshire based Afterwood have added this Transmanut tipper/blower to their fleet to help cope with their growing demand for wood pellet deliveries. As they supply both pellets and other biomass products such as chip and bark, the choice of a tipper blower allows the unit to blow wood pellets or handle tipped deliveries of woodchip/bark when required. Tp provide manoeuvrability, the bodywork is fitted on a DAF CF85-410 FAQ Tridem chassis. The unit is fitted with Class III 'Charge by Weight' Weighing and dust extraction so is fully compliant for ENPlus delvery.

Woodchip Blower complete with Weighing for Callender Estate Biomass

10th September, 2107

This 30m3 Woodchip Blower is the first unit supplied to the UK market to incorporate weighing. Destined for Stirling based Callendar Estate, the unit will help develop the growing woodchip market in the area by allowing them to offer a blown delivery service to their customers. The unit can be operated on any CHEM specification hooklift  or agri hooklift trailer  yet still offer an ability to provide weights of chip delivered with its on-board weighing system. The unit was supplied by the UK distributor for Transmanut, Hooklift Solutions.

60m3 FMA Walking Floor Blower for Woodchip

8th August, 2017

To  provide a chip capacity of 60m3, twice that of the standard blower, but provide access to existing customers, this FMA60  Walking Floor blower unit will shortly be put into service by Inverkip based West Coast Woodfuels for their growing woodchip deliveries. Capable of being pulled by a 2 or 3 axle artic unit, the 11m long trailer is equipped with both a lifting front axle and a steering rear axle and can turn in its own length. The  Transmanut discharge equipment is powered by it own independent dieel engine  and the trailer can carry out both Walking Floor deliveries together with pneumatic deliveries. Pressure sensors on the rear door automatically operate the Walking Floor to provide a steady flow of woodchip. The trailer is fitted with on-board weighing and  was supplied by Hooklift Solutions, UK Distributor for Transmanut Biomass Bodywork.

First Transmanut demountable pellet tanker heads to the UK

1st July, 2017

The latest pellet tanker to come to the UK is a demountable unit fitted to a DAF CF85-410. It features the fitment of a Transmanut demountable system to allow the unit to deliver bulk pellets or interchange with a curtainsided body so that supplies of bagged pellets can also be made to customers. As with all Transmanut products, they are supplied  by UK distributor Hooklift Solutions. Although the bodywork is demountable, it is equipped with Class III Charge by Weight Weighing and comes fitted with dust extraction.


More Woodchip Drying Bins from Hooklift Solutions

9th June, 2017

Shown on delivery to Holsworthy, Devon, this is the latest woodchip drying container being delivered by Hooklift Solutions. A 40yd3 capacity unit fitted with a false floor so it can be used to dry both chip and logs. As the customer dries outside, the unit is fitted with a Roll'n'Go Sheeting system for weather protection which can be operated from ground level  without the need for an access gantry..  The company artic together with a hooklift trailer can deliver and site drying bins from 6 to 9 metres in length and we can also supply feeder containers for biomass storage.

The latest Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip blower to the UK heads to Biomass Woodchip Ltd based in Bickerstaffe.

8th May, 2017

Biomass Wood Chip Ltd based in Bickerstaffe are the latest customer to put a Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip Blower into service, supplied by the UK Distributor for Transmanut, Hooklift Solutions. With a growing need to supply blown woodchip from customers in Lancashire and the North West, this unit is the 'Classic' model and is powered by the low emission Tier IV Deutz engine with catalytic reduction and electronic engine management control. It also features sound insulation, offers the  best discharge rates currently available and is supplied with dust extraction equipment.

Increase your capacity with a drawbar pellet tanker trailer

20th April, 2017

A new tandem axle pellet tanker trailer has recently gone into service with Europellets to help them increase the volume of pellets they deliver. The unit can be supplied in tandem or tri axle configuration and  when used with a 4 x 2 or 6 x 2 pellet tanker equipped for drawbar operation can increase the delivery tonnage from 14/15 to 27/28 tonnes. The trailer is loaded and once the tanker has discharged its pellets, a hydraulic augur is used to transfer the pellets from the tanker trailer to the tanker to discharge them. For more information on this application, please contact Hooklift Solutions, UK distributor for Transmanut products in the UK.

New Modular Blower unveiled at Bois Energie 2017

30th March, 2017

Transmanut used the Bois Energie Exhibition 2017 in Limoges to unveil their latest Woodchip Blower, the 'Modular' Blower. This unit is independently powered using the  new Perkins 404  diesel engine that has been ratified to Tier IV standards and features electronic injection. Designed to fit in between the Agri Tipper Blower and the 'Classic', the modular Autonomous Blower is designed for those customers who are looking at offering blown deliveries as a means of developing their biomass supply. The Modular blower is available with a chip capacity of 30m3 and can provide a delivery rate of 0.8m3 per minute.

Transmanut adds an Agri Tipper Blower for woodchip to their product range

27th January, 2017

Responding to customers who require an ability to blow their woodchip and have access to a tractor or fastrack to power the blower, Transmanut have added this agri Tipper Blower to their range of Woodchip Blowers. Like all their other products in the UK it is supplied through their UK distributor, Hooklift Solutions. With a chip capacity of 30m3, it draws its power from the tractor or fastrack to drive the compressor and hydraulics which power the rotary valve for a blown discharge of woodchip. It is designed to cater for those customers who are delivering within a 20 mile radius from their operating centre. The first model of this type has been delivered to Teesdale Renewables Ltd based near Barnard Castle  in the North East to deliver woodchip to biomass boiler operators in Co. Durham.

Edge Renewables are the latest company to take a Transmanut Woodchip Blower

19th December, 2016

To cater for the growing number of customers in the Shropshire area who are requesting blown deliveries of their biomass woodchip, Edge Renewables of Much Wenlock have purchased a new 38m3 capacity Transmanut Woodchip Blower from Hooklift Solutions to help them service their customers. Like all Transmanut Woodchip Blowers, the unit is independent and powered by it own diesel engine. To ensure minimum emissions, this latest unit is fitted with the Tier IV diesel engine that is built by Deutz which has lower emissions than its predecessor together with lower noise emissions. Capable of being operated on 6 and 8 wheel hooklifts, this unit will be delivering biomass woodchip on the company's 8 x 4 Scania hooklift

HTS 30 Walking Floor Container for woodchip delivery heads to Holsworthy based Andigestion

24th November 2016


Holsworthy based Andigestion have added this new HTS30 Walking Floor container to help with their woodchip deliveries to thos customers unable to accept a tipped delivery due to height restrictions. The HTS30 has been supplied to a high specification and has been fitted with a 'french door' complete with power assistance so that the discharge throat can be accurately controlled to minimise spillage when fuelling augur troughs. Hooklift Solutions modified their existing hooklift vehicle to power the Walking floor from the hooklift hydraulics. It is connected to the hooklift using quick release hydraulic connections and the Keith KMD300 Walking Floor is controlled using a Wanderlead control.

Shakestones Biomass take a new Transmanut Woodchip Blower

24th October 2016

This new Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip Blower has recently been delivered to Shakestone Biomass, based in Chemsford where it will be servicing the needs of customers requiring a blown deliveryof woodchip in the South East. The unit was finished at the factory in the customer's livery of British Racing Green with gold lettering. As with all Transmanut Woodchip Blowers, they are fitted with sound encapsulation, dust extraction and radio remote control as standard equipment. Configured for the delivery of G30-G50 chip they can discharge G30-G50 chipatthe rate of 1m3 per minute over a distance of 30m and up toa vertical height of 7m. The unit was supplied through the UK distributor for Transmanut, Hooklift Solutions.


North Wales takes its first Transmanut Woodchip Blower

New 30m3 capacity Woodchip Blower for Woodfuel-Gwynedd

21st September, 2016

Woodfuel Gwynedd have taken delivery of a new Transmanut Woodchip blower to help them develop their supplies of blown woodchip in North Wales. Based at Bryncir near Porthmadoc, Woodfuel-Gwynedd  they have been supplying  woodchip and logs which are dried in their own kiln for some time but now want to service the growing number of customers who are requesting a blown delivery of their kiln dried woodchip. The unit was supplied through Hooklift Solutions, UK Distributor for Transmanut and was painted and liveried at the plant prior to delivery so it could be put straight into service.



New 34m3 Woodchip Blower heads to Argyll Renewable Energy

New 34m3 Transmanut Woodchip blower en route to Argyll Renewable Energy

30th August, 2016


Shown on it way back from the Transmanut plant at Vineuil, this is the latest Woodchip Blower to go into service in the UK and has been supplied to Argyll Renewable Energy. Oban based  Argyll are responding to an increase in demand for blown deliveries of G30-G50 woodchip to supply the biomass  boilers they

install. The unit is a 34m3 capacity unit and has Transmanut standard features of its own independent engine, sound encapsulation of the engine compartment , radio remote control and dust extraction as standard. As with all Transmanut products supplied to the UK it was sourced through Hooklift Solutions, their UK distributor


New HTS 30/70 hooklift semi trailer for Rodger of Earlston

New HTS30/70 en route to Earlston



Rodger of Earlston have added this new HTS30/70 hooklift trailer to their fleet. Currently using rigid 8 wheel hooklifts for the waste disposal side of the business and also requiring a tractor unit for use with a low loader for their crane hire operation, they chose the HTS 30/70 hooklift semi-trailer to work with their tractor unit for maximum utilisation. Due to its short wheelbase the HTS30/70  can provide access to some of the CA sites they need to service but also provide them with the payload increase of up to 23 tonnes when used with their demountable plant bodies. The HTS 30/70 has a frame built out of high tensile steel to optimise payload and and will provide a 50% payload increase over their current 8 wheeler.

The HTS 30/70 has been fitted with a tower sheeting system for use on open topped containers but will allow the trailer to work with a plant carrying body fitted with a large HIAB crane. The HTS30/70 features full radio remote control so it can be operated with any tractor unit fitted with hydraulics and has additional stabilisation fitted at the front of the body for operating with crane equipped plant bodies.


East Kirkby Engineering choose Hooklift Solutions for their Woodchip Drying Containers

20th May, 2016

Boston based  East Kirby Engineering are well established in Lincolnshire for the supply and installation  of large scale biomass heating systems and approached  Hooklift Solutions for the supply of Woodchip Drying Containers for their own biomass installation. This allows them to dry woodchip for their  customers in Boston and throughout Lincolnshire. A total of 10 'A' frame drying containers fitted with a  drying tunnels fabricated from perforated plate and sides manufactured from perforated plate have now  been  supplied for this project. The 'A' frame design helps reduce the path for the moisture to travel to vent the bin and produce quicker drying times and a more even distribution of moisture in the chip than the traditional false floor design. A side to side sheeting system offers weather protection which can be operated from ground level and inspection panels are mounted in the side of the container. To cater for the central mounting of the connection spigot, the doors are split 2/3:1/3 in size.

Leafield Feeds add another HTS30/90 hook trailer to their fleet

13th May, 2016


Another HTS 30/90 has joined the fleet of Wakefield based food reprocessor, Leafield Feeds. With its improved payload capacity of 24 tonnes, Leafied are now able to handle containers from the food industry which are becoming heavier and so cannot be transported using their traditional 8 wheel hooklifts which are limited to 15 tonnes capacity. As many of the containers are loaded by compactors they are not only heavy but can suffer from non uniform weight distribution with the weight biased towards the rear. This can cause problems with weight distribution on the vehicle if the containers are carried in the normal position. The HTS30/90 hooklift has been engineered to allow the containers to be brought further up the neck of the hooklift to ensure the correct weight distribution between the trailer bogie and the drive axle on the tractor. The latest HTS 30/90 has a chassis built out of high tensile steel to optimise on payload capacity and can carry a tonne extra payload in comparison to its predecessor. The latest variant has also been re-engineered to lower the hooklift into the trailer chassis, lower the centre of gravity and improve stability. The hooklift is operated by radio remote control which allows ready interchangeability with other tractor units. 

Biomass Timber Solutions benefit from the flexibility of a hooklift operated Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip Blower

18th April, 2016


Biomass Timber Solutions chose a Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip Blower to help them with their planned growth and development in woodchip supplies. As the equipment  can operate on either an agri hooklift trailer or a roadgoing hooklift, the initial deliveries were carried out using the tractor and agri hooklift trailer already in use by the company. As the customer base has grown and spread over a wider area, they have recently acquired a Volvo tridem hooklift which allows the unit to deliver economically over a much wider area than previously  and the tridem configuration provides an increase in payload capacity coupled with accessibility from its steering rear axle

Transmanut help Stobart Biomass deliver the chip

2nd April, 2016

2 x 100m3 capacity Legras trailers are helping deliver woodchip to replenish biomass fuel stores in East Anglia for Stobart Biomass. The Walking Floor trailers are specially built by Legras to accomodate Transmanut pneumatic discharge equipment which is installed at the factory in at Vineuil in the Loire valley before coming to the UK. Transmanut are Europe's leading manufacturer of discharge equipment for biomass products and supply woodchip blowers for both rigids and trailers.

Transmanut supply woodchip blowers from 30m3 to 100m3 capacity and are represented in the UK by their distributor, Hooklift Solutions.

New 9m long Walking Floor/Drying container for woodchip for Wharton House

New 9m Walking Floor drying container on delivery to Wharton House Farm

24th March, 2016

Hooklift Solutions have been supplying Walking Floor & Woodchip Drying containers for the drying, storage  and delivery of woodchip for some time. Leominster based Wharton House have put into service a combined unit built by Hooklift Solutions which allows them to dry their chip and then discharge it into their feed system for for their CHP plant. The container is fitted with a Walking Floor and an 'A' frame drying tunnel and ventilated sides which dries the chip down to 10% moisture content which is required for their  process. Hooklit Solutions can supply containers from 6 - 9m in length for this application.

Tipper Blower for woodchip deliveries joins Forest Fuels Fleet

New Transmanut 38m3 capacity tipper blower joins Forest Fuels fleet

10th March 2016


Transmanut have built a new 38m3 tipper blower for woodchip to help Forest Fuels grow their woodchip deliveries in the South West. Although the bulk of their woodchip delivery will be delivered pneumatically by blown delivery, Forest Fuels also wanted the flexibility for the unit to carry out regular tipped deliveries into augur troughs and this was accomodated with the fitment of a split tailgate which can deliver into the troughs of varying height and width. The bodywork features  many of the features of their hooklift operated woodchip blowers including sound encapsulation of the compressor and radio remote control. The latter allows the body height to be varied during the delivery to produce an optimum delivery rate whilst the driver is at the rear of the vehicle monitoring the discharge. The bodywork was supplied by Hooklift Solutions, UK distributors for Transmanut and fully painted and liveried at the plant in Vineuil before returning to the UK.

New Walking Floor Container for Premier Log

New 50yd3 Walking Floor Container for Premier Log

12th February, 2016

Blackrod based Premier Log have taken delivery of a new 50yd3 Walking Floor Container from Hooklift Solutions. The container allows them to deliver woodchip to their customers inside buildings and sheds where a tipped delivery is not always practical. The container has been piped up hydraulically to operate from the hydraulic systems on the tractor onto the agri hooklift trailer with quick release couplings to the rear so the container can be used as a container for normal tipped deliveries of firewood.

Transmanut forklift range now available in the UK through Hooklift Solutions

The CAB 1200 kgs forklift mounted on an 18 tonne curtainsider

19th December, 2015

In addition to their range of biomass bodywork, Transmanut have developed a range of demountable forklifts to help with the delivery of palletised woodpellets and also log delivery. Conscious of the need to be light weight, allow distributors to gain access to garages and buildings often with restricted headroom, the forklifts have been designed with these points in mind. With a lift capacity of 1200 kgs, the CAB forklift with its low ULW of 695 kgs can be mounted on a chassis with a GVW of 10,000 kgs - 18,000 kgs. Available with its own engine, the CAB has recently been supplemented by the CAB Elect which is the first electric forklift in this sector.

The full range is now available in the UK through Hooklift Solutions, sole distributor for Transmanut products in the UK.

Brough Biomass chooses Transmanut for their 10 tonne capacity pellet tanker

New 10 tonne capacity Transmanut Wood Pellet Tanker for Brough Biomass

3rd December 2015

Based at Nateby near Preston, Brough Biomass have just acquired added a new Transmanut 10 tonne capacity  Wood Pellet Tanker to help with their growing wood pellet delivery business. Conscious of the need to ensure accessibility to customers in rural areas where access can sometimes be difficult for larger vehicles Andrew Brough asked Hooklift Solutions to mount the Transmanut tanker on the Volvo FL6 18 tonne GVW chassis which they supplied. The wheelbase on the chassis was modified to 4.2m before being delivered to the plant in Vineuil in North West France where the bodywork is fitted, Class III 'Charge by Weight' weighing system installed and calibrated and painted and liveried at the plant before returning to the UK to enter service. In choosing the tanker bodywork, Andrew Brough, owner of Brough Biomass said that he was impressed by the narrow  tank profile, short rear overhang and attention to quality in the build of the bodywork.




BDS Fuels choose Transmanut for their 26 tonne Pellet Tanker

New Transmanut 6 x 2 Wood Pellet Delivery Tanker for BDS Fuels Ltd

19th November, 2015


Shown at the plant prior to undergoing its final testing and calibration, this 14/15 tonne capacity pellet tanker has entered service with BDS Fuels.The tanker will be based out of their depot at Middleton near Carnforth and will be increasing their capacity for wood pellet deliveries throughout North  Lancashire, Cumbria and Westmoreland. The pellet tanker bodywork has been fitted to the customer supplied DAF CF410FAN 6x2 chassis with a steering and lifting 3rd axle which allows maximum manouvrability and accessibility for a 26 tonner. Like all Transmanut tankers, the non pressurised design allows loading from silo, conveyor or telehandler and the compact tank profile minimises the external dimensions producing a lower overall height and width compared to other competitors. All Transmanut tankers are supplied with Class III 'Charge by Weight', dust extraction, sound encapsulation as standard equipment and are finish painted prior to release. On this unit, a Moba Weighing system was supplied and fitted which is tested and calibrated at the factory so the unit can enter service on its return to the UK.  The tanker bodywork was supplied by Hooklift Solutions, UK distributor for Transmanut.

Norfolk now benefits from blown pellet deliveries from D D Dodd & Son

Transmanut Autonomous Blower & Silo for wood pellet delivery

11th November, 2015


Well established solid fuel merchant, D D Dodd & Sons based in Shipdham in Norfolk have been supplying bagged wood pellets for some time to the local heating market. Responding to more requests for a pneumatic delivery from customers requiring smaller deliveries of 1 to 3 tonnes where the larger tankers have access problems, D D Dodd have invested in a Transmanut Autonomous Blower which they have  mounted on one of their their 7.5 tonne vehicles together with a lightweight silo. This combination enables them to carry a payload of up to 3 tonnes of pellets and access all their smaller retail customers. Their customers  now benefit from a quicker more responsive supply from a local wood pellet  supplier. The Autonomous Blower was supplied by Hooklift Solutions, UK distributors for Transmanut.

Verd Energy puts a Transmanut 26 tonne pellet tanker into service

New 14/15 tonne tanker supplied to Verd Energy

4th November 2015


Verd Energy, part of the Yorkshire based Duncan Renewables Group  have put this new Transmanut  Wood Pellet Tanker into service. It is the largest Transmanut Wood pellet Delivery Tanker to come to the UK so far and was chosen because of the growing need to provide a regular fuel supply to those customers needing a regular supply of ENPlus pellets. The 14/15 tonne capacity tanker was chosen to cater for those commercial  customers requiring  large single load deliveries whilst still being able to provide  accessibility for the smaller retail customers who might require a smaller  2/3/or 4  tonne load. The chassis chosen was the DAF CF85-400 6x2 rear steer which for further flexibility has been ordered in factory built drawbar configuration so that it can be used in the future with a drawbar pellet trailer to increase its capacity. As with all Transmanut pellet tankers, they are supplied with dust extraction, noise encapsulation and Weights and Measures approved Class III weighing systems as standard. The complete unit was supplied by Hooklift Solutions, UK distributor for Transmanut

Intervate help their wood pellet production with a Transmanut dust extraction unit and loading conveyor

8th October, 2015


Cradley Heath based Intervate chose Transmanut to provide them with a dust extraction unit and loading conveyor to help them with their production and loading of ENPlus quality wood pellets which they manufacture at their West Midlands base. Well known for their Woodchip Blowers and Wood Pellet Tankers, Transmanut have also developed systems to help screen and load pellets to ensure suppliers are compliant with the handling and loading criteria that form part of the ENPlus criteria. The Mobil' Pellet system was sourced through Hooklift Solutions, UK distributor for Transmanut . 

60m3 Woodchip Blower Trailer for Forwood

60m3 capacity woodchip blower trailer

13th August, 2015


To cater for contracts requiring larger volumes of woodchip to different boiler installations than can be supplied with a conventional rigid blower, Hooklift Solutions have supplied this Transmanut 60m3 capacity woodchip blower trailer  to Forwood Ltd to help them ensure a continued supply of biomass fuel to their customers based in East Anglia. Conscious of the need for a blower that could deliver the volumes required economically whilst still provide good accessability, Forwood opted for the 60m3 version. The trailer is built as a dedicated blower trailer and features Transmanut Woodchip Blower Equipment integrated into a special Legras Walking Floor Trailer chassis. Fitted with its own autonomous engine, the trailer can work with any suitable tractor unit and features a hydraulically operated tailgate allowing both conventional Walking Floor deliveries as well as pneumatic deliveries of biomass fuel

More capacity for Leafield Feeds

New 30/90 hooklift semi-trailer for Leafield Feeds

8th July, 2015


With its ability to operate at 44 tonnes GCW, this new Hooklift Solutions 30/90 hooklift semi-trailer is able to provide Leafield Feeds of East Ardsley, Wakefield with an increase in payload of up to 24 tonnes in a container ,an increase of 50% in comparison to the payload capacity of the 8 wheel hooklifts the company operate. Leafield are involved in the reprocessing of surplus foods which are used in the production of animal feeds for the farming industry and can be carrying very dense products such as bread doughs which is where the additional payload capacity comes into its own.

The trailer is designed to carry containers from 20ft-30ft long and features both a tilting as well as a telescopic neck and features hooklift operation by radio remote control for easy interchange of tractor units and a hydraulic rear stabiliser to allow manoeuvering of compactor bins into tight spaces without loss of traction on the tractor unit.



Midlands Wood Fuel expands the fleet with a second Transmanut woodchip blower

New 30m3 Woodchip blower leaving the factory for Midlands Wood Fuel

1st July, 2015


To cater for the increasing demand for blown deliveries of woodchip from a widening customer base, Midlands Wood Fuel have added a second Transmanut Woodchip blower to the fleet following their acquisition of the 1st unit last year. The new unit is a 30m3 unit which can be used by either of the company's 6 or 8 wheel hooklift vehicles. The performance of the first unit and the capability to operate  the blower on existing hooklift vehicles were major factors in the choice of a second unit  which was sourced from Hooklift Solutions, the UK distributor for Transmanut. Transmanut have pioneered the design of the hooklift operated autonomous woodchip blower  and offer some of the fastest delivery rates currently available. The standard specification incorporates full sound encapsulation of the engine compartment, radio remote control, dust extraction and each unit is fully painted an liveried before delivery to the UK.

Red Horse Fuels expand their wood pellet delivery with a Transmanut wood pellet tanker

New 9 tonne wood pellet tanker for Red Horse Fuels

28th June 2015


Long established heating oil distributor Red Horse Fuels have taken delivery of a new Transmanut 9 tonne capacity wood pellet tanker from UK distributor, Hooklift Solutions. Red Horse Fuels have been delivering bagged pellets for some time but were looking for a Wood Pellet Tanker to cater for the growth in  customers  requesting a pneumatic delivery of their wood pellets. Based at Oxhill near Coventry, the new tanker will shortly be supplying ENPlus pellets throughout Warwickshire. The Transmanut Wood Pellet Tanker is mounted on a 3.25m wheelbase DAF LF55 fitted with rear air suspension and 250 bhp engine option to ensure good economy with exceptional manoeuvrability. The Transmanut body is fitted with Class III 'Charge by Weight' weighing and printer and supplied with Dust Extraction and Radio Remote control as standard. The tanker was liveried at the plant in Vineuil so it can go into service. The new DAF has been supplied on contract hire through Hooklift Solutions.

Another Woodchip Blower heads to Scotland

New 38m3 Transmanut Woodchip Blower ready for its first delivery

1st June, 2015


Inverkip  based West coast Woodfuels are the latest customer to put a Transmanut Woodchip Blower into service, supplied by the UK distributor Hooklift Solutions. West Coast Woodfuels opted for the Transmanut unit  to cater for the growth in pneumatic deliveries of woodchip in Ayrshire which has seen a large increase in biomass boiler installations for houses, nursing homes, schools and factories. With many biomass installations being retrofitted, pneumatic delivery of the woodchip allows delivery to installations that cannot be supplied by normal tipped deliveries. The new blower has a capacity of 38m3 (50yd3) of woodchip making it the largest available and will work with the company's hooklift vehicle. The blower is fully autonomous, fitted with its own engine and like all Transmanut blowers, features full sound encapsulation,

radio remote control and dust extraction. Paintwork and customer livery are applied at the factory so the unit can go straight into service.

New 38m3 Woodchip Blower for Highland Wood Energy

New 38m3 Transmanut Woodchip Blower for HW Energy

27th April, 2015

Based in Fort William, H W Energy are the latest compay to put a new Transmanut Woodchip Blower into service, supplied by UK Distributor, Hooklift Solutions, H W Energy have opted for the largest capacity Woodchip Blower in the range, the 38 cu m capacity model so that they can supply to their customers over the largest possible area. The 38 cu m blower is operated by hooklift and is totally autonomous, powered by its own diesel engine.  The unit features sound encapsulation of the engine compartment making it the quietest unit currently available and offers some of the quickest delivery rates currently available. The Transmanut unit is supplied with dust extraction as standard and is also fitted with radio remote control so the discharge can be controlled by the operator from the silo/bunker. The unit is capable of delivering up to 30m horizontally and 5m vertically without any reduction in discharge rate.

Parkend Farms takes another Woodchip Blower

New 30 cu m capacity Woodchip Blower for Park End Farms

20th April 2015

After 15 months operation with the first unit which has now delivered an estimated  5,000 tonnes of woodchip to their customers, Parkend Farms have taken delivery of  a 2nd Transmanut 30m3 Woodchip Blower unit  from Hooklift Solutions to cater for the growth and development of the woodchip market and the need to supply fuel to a steadily increasing number of customers in the Northumberland area. The retrofit of biomass heating installations to existing properties has meant that existing buildings and facilities are required for the storage of up to 40-50m3 of chip and this is fuelling a drive for more deliveries to be blown deliveries to provide the access that is required. As the Transmanut Woodchip Blower is autonomous and can be operated by an existing 6 or 8 wheel hooklift, it can provide the flexibility not available with a permanent installation.


First Transmanut Pellet Tanker for Scotland

9 tonne capacity pellet tanker for B D Supplies

8th April 2015

To cope with the growth in demand for blown pellet deliveries in the Perthshire area, Methven based B D Supplies Ltd chose a new 9 tonne capacity Wood Pellet Tanker from Hooklift Solutions as the way forward to increase their wood pellet deliveries. Accessability is a key feature required by many of Brian Donaldson's customers where biomass boilers have been retrofitted into existing properties and access by  larger tankers would be restricted. The Transmanut Wood Pellet tanker has been engineered to fit a 3.25m wheelbase DAF LF55 16 tonne chassis making it the most agile vehicle in its class with a smaller footprint than many 7.5 tonners. The non-pressurised tank design ensures a lower overall height and the bodywork width is no wider than the cab. The Transmanut body is supplied with 'Charge by Weight' weighing system as standard so a weight ticket can be issued at point of delivery and the exact amount of pellets delivered charged for. The pneumatic discharge bodywork is ENPlus compliant and the vehicle is fitted with dust extraction equipment as standard. Good ride characteristics are ensured with the fitment of drive axle air suspension and the 250 bhp Euro 6 Paccar engine produces excellent economy with plenty of torque to cover hilly areas.

New HTS18 hooklift trailer for Hydrock

New HTS18 tandem axle agri hooklift trailer fom Hooklift Solutions

16th February 2015

Hydrock have recently put this new HTS18 hooklift trailer into service to help with their contact at Hinckley B power station. The trailer is used to haul containers containing asbestos waste which are delivered to a collection point on site where the containers grouped and then taken off site by roadgoing hooklifts for safe disposal of the asbestos. The HTS18 trailer is fitted with a telescopic neck so they can work with standard 6.0m long CHEM containers and will be pulled using Kubota 135 tractors. So the hooklift trailer can be quickly interchanged between tractors, the HTS18 has been supplied with radio remote control of the hooklift functions and all the hydraulic functions are on the trailer worked from a high pressure pump which is propshaft driven from the tractor minimizing the number of connections to the tractor. The hooklift trailer has been supplied with high flotation tyres to ensure continuity of operation even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Hooklift Solutions help Campbell Fuels deliver more woodchip

Fliegl Tornado Woodchip blower remounted onto a hooklift sub-frame

7th January, 2015

To provide fuel for the growing number of of woodchip boilers which have been installed in Ayrshire, Kilmarnock based Campbell fuels sourced a used Fliegl Tornado Woodchip Blower for their woodchip delivery. Normally this unit is mounted on an agricultural trailer and towed by a tractor which powers the blower using a propshaft drive. In order that the blower could deliver more fuel over greater distances more economically, it has been remounted onto a hooklift sub-frame , a new hooklift  fitted to the customer's 6 wheel Scania chassis and the blower unit converted to hydraulic drive operated from the Scania, all by Hooklift Solutions. In addition, as the unit is carrying out split deliveries of chip, the hooklift has been mounted on weigh cells to monitor the tonnage being delivered. During the summer months when woodchip deliveries are not a s frequent, the unit can be used to collect round timber for chipping using a demountable bolster and or bulk deliveries using ro ro containers

New 30/70 semi trailer for Northern Disposals

New HTS 30/70 hooklift semi trailer

5th February, 2015

This new HTS 30/70 'Ultralite' hooklift semi-trailer will shortly enter service with Northern Disposals.

With an impressive Unladen Weight of only 6,900 kgs, the 30/70 model is designed for operation with hooklift containers from 20 - 22 ft in length and allows operators currently running artic units the flexibility of using ro-ro containers with their existing contracts. Capable of running with a 3 axle unit at 41,000 GCW (due to its short length) the HTS 30/70 is manufactured from high tensile steel and is fitted with a Cayvol MV30/70 hooklift mounted into the chassis frame. This produces a unit with a payload capacity of 23 tonnes (in the container)

and a loading height no higher than a standard 8 wheeler, offering 50% more payload capacity than a standard 8 wheel hooklift. The HTS 30/70 also offers radio remote control as standard allowing easy interchange between tractor units if required.

The unit is currently being fitted with a container sheeting system before going into service later this month.