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Tandem Axle Hooklift Trailers for Agricultural Use

To supplement our roadgoing artic hooklift semi-trailers, we also offer hooklift trailers that can be operated by tractor or fast track to provide flexibility in offering different bodies for different jobs.

All the bodies and trailers we supply are compliant to CHEM standards so you can utilise the same bodies you would load onto your 6 or 8 wheel hookloader.

The most popular model is the HTS 18T with its telescopic neck can handle a range of bins from 5.8m to 6.5 m long and offers the following:-

*   Tandem axle design  *  18 tonne load capacity including container * 21,000 kg multileaf springing * 385 or 550 tyre equipment * rear hydraulic stabilisers * hydraulic container clamping *tipping angle of 48 degrees * 'S' cam air activated drum brakes * sprung drawbar beam * LED front marker lights * rear underrun * 3 year structural warranty on hooklift & chassis *

Tri Axle Hooklift Trailers for Agricultural Use

  We can also supply tri axle trailers where customers are looking to carry high volume flat trailers or containers which might be up to 8.0m long. For this specialised application, they are built using a tri-axle chassis for stability and built with a hooklift capable of working with these longer containers

To improve manoeuvrability, steering axles are available as an option