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Autonomous Blower Unit

With the development of the biomass industry, one question we are quite often asked is if we can supply equipment that will enable a customer to receive a blown delivery of pellets which might be from 1 - 3 tonnes without having to make the investment in a full scale tanker.

They might already have a delivery vehicle and want to utilise that initially to build up the delivery round before moving to a bigger vehicle or use the vehicle for pellet deliveries several days a week and other business for the remainder.

We can supply a self contained self powered Blower Unit that can be loaded onto an existing 7.5 tonne vehicle for example or a 3.5 tonne trailer. The blower can deliver :-

  • A discharge rate of 6 - 9 tonnes of pellets per hour
  • Is loaded by forklift onto your current vehicle
  • Has a low unladen weight, 500 kgs
  • Will provide a vehicle that can deliver up to  3 tonnes of pellets per load (on a 7.5 tonne GVW chassis) or more on a larger GVW vehicle, or approximately 1.5 tonnes if fitted to a towable drawbar trailer with overrun brakes
  • Can be moved onto a larger vehicle if required
  • Our Self contained Blower unit comes complete with its own independent engine, blower unit and rotary valve and is supplied with quick release discharge hoses