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Delivery mechanisms for Woodchip

Woodchip is currently delivered using tractor/trailer combinations and tipper trucks where the silo or bunker is mounted below ground. The relatively high cost of producing storage of this type has lead to the development of pneumatic delivery systems that can be used with prefabricated silos which are above ground and the partitioning of existing facilities to form bunkers. To service these storage facilities, a development of the animal feedstuffs blower is used. In Europe however, blowers are used that are lower pressure/higher air volume units that are more efficient with woodchip, quieter in operation and can discharge more quickly.

In the UK the augur/rotary valve is traditionally mounted at the rear of a fixed tipper body under the floor whilst in Europe, hooklift systems are used with the augur/rotary valve mounted in the rear door. When the hooklift is not being used for chip delivery, the vehicle can carry out its normal job as a hooklift and the blower body interchanged with a standard or specialised container for other jobs.

Woodchip  Storage & Delivery Systems for Biomass Boilers

Hooklift Solutions can supply you with  Hooklift Containers for woodchip delivery that are deliverable by hooklift following loading which are also equipped with Walking Floors that enable the container to be used as on site storage which in turn is linked into an augur/delivery system to feed the boiler as illustrated in the photograph.

A typical hooklift container storage solution showing a loaded container feeding the biomass boiler whilst the 2nd container is being replenished
Multiple container storage using walking floor equipped hooklift containers

Woodchip storage & delivery for recycled woodchip

This 9m Walking Floor Container is fitted with a Walking Floor coupled to a heavy duty agitator and augur discharge facility specifically to handle recycled woodchip which is becoming  popular as a fuel source  from waste and wood recyclers. It has been supplied to Ecotec who offer boilers capable of using recycled wood as their primary fuel. Recycled woodchip is much more difficult to get to flow through the system due to its non homogeneous nature and requires heavy duty augurs and agitators. Hooklift Solutions can supply the stands to mount the containers together with the augur assemblies and Hydraulic Power Units for static applications like these.

Pneumatic Delivery Systems for Blown Delivery of Woodchip

We can supply pneumatic discharge equipment for fitment to your hooklift chassis together with the rotary/valve and augur installation fitted to the container to allow woodchip delivery into a silo/bunker that is above ground where a tipper delivery is not practical.

An illustration of a rigid hooklift fitted with chassis mounted compressor installation

Independently powered woodchip blowers that can be used by any suitable hooklift

This 35 cu yd capacity container is independent powered and can by operated by any suitable hooklift vehicle.

To meet customer requirements, this independent unit has been developed by Hooklift Solutions which is self sufficient and has an auxiliary engine and compressor mounted in an engine compartment at the front of the body. As the unit does not tip for discharge, a Walking Floor feeds the woodchip to the augur and rotary valve to produce a balanced flow for discharge.

Watch the video of the Isle of Man Woodchip Blower discharging