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Wood Pellet Tankers - fixed or demountable

Our Wood Pellet tankers can be rigidly mounted or hooklift mounted :-

  • They are available for fitment to 4 x 2, 6 x 2/4  and 8 wheel chassis  
  •  They can be independently powered with their own  engine or powered from the chassis.
  •  They are supplied with a dust extraction unit carried on the body
  •  They are fitted with 'Charge by Weight' certified weighing

Wood pellets are best delivered by tankers to minimise damage and reduce the fines produced when they are blown into the silo or bunker. Pellet tankers operate at different air pressure/volume requirements to the pneumatic systems used on woodchip delivery systems where the chip size is substantially bigger. Hooklift Solutions supply Wood Pellet tankers built by Transmanut specially constructed to carry wood pellets. These tanker  bodies can be rigidly mounted for permanent operation or independently powered and capable of being carried on an existing hooklift truck. Illustrated is a Wood Pellet tanker mounted on a 6 wheeler which is designed to carry 15 tonnes of wood pellets. All Transmanut Pellet Tankers are supplied with a Dust Extraction Kit which is carried on the vehicle and Weights and Measures Approved 'Charge by Weight' weighing system allowing a weight ticket to be given to the client detailing the weight of pellets delivered. The range is compliant for ENPlus wood pellet delivery.

9 tonne GVW 4 x 2 Pellet Tanker

This Mitsubishi 9C18 is the smallest complete pellet tanker we build. With a payload of 3.7 tonnes, the unit can access those deliveries not available to the larger tankers. 

12 tonne GVW 4 x 2 Pellet Tanker

12 tonne GVW pellet tanker with 6 tonne pellet capacity

16 tonne GVW 4 x 2 Pellet Tanker

16 tonne GVW pellet tanker  with a 9 tonne pellet capacity.

Capable of handling smaller retail deliveries of 2/3 &4 tonnes together with larger drops up to 9 tonnes.

The most popular mid range tanker

18 tonne GVW 4 x 2 Pellet Tanker


 18 tonne GVW pellet tanker

10 tonne pellet capacity

Offers maximum payload capacity on 2 axles.

26tonne GVW 6 x 2 Pellet Tanker



  • 26 tonne GVW pellet tanker
  • 6 x 2 with steering rear axle for maximum manoeuvrability
  • 14/15 tonne pellet capacity
  • can be used solo or work with a pellet tank trailer

32 tonne GVW 8 x 2/4 Pellet Tanker


32 tonne 8x2


18/19 tonne pellet capacity

3 steering axles

for maximum


Demountable pellet tanker bodywork




26 tonne GVW chassis with pellet tanker fitted with Transmanut demountable body system

Watch the video of the swop body system in operation