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Wood Pellet Tanker Trailers

For those customers requiring higher volume deliveries than can be supplied on a rigid vehicle, we can supply Pellet Tanker Trailers in both 2 axle and 3 axle configuration.

To enhance accessability, both the tandem axle trailers and tri-axle can be supplied with a steering rear axle to aid accessability.

Our trailers are supplied with their own on board diesel engine to allow delivery with tractor units not equipped with hydraulics, feature weighing systems and also dust extraction like our rigid tanker bodywork.

Tri Axle Wood Pellet Tanker



  • Tri Axle Wood pellet tanker for operation up to 44 tonnes
  • Lifting front axle
  • Steering rear axle
  • Powered by its own on board engine
  • Tank profile minimizes overall height
  • Supplied as standard with dust extraction equipment and weighing
  • Compliant for ENPlus pellet delivery