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About us

We aim to work with you, listen and understand your operation and come up with proposals that can make your operation more efficient and so save you money.

Our approach is to apply the 40 years experience we have in the vehicle industry to provide engineering answers to distribution problems so that the  end product can carry more payload at less cost per mile than the other alternatives or produce a vehicle that can work with different bodies to improve chassis utilisation.


How do we do this? Quite simply by thinking outside the box, understanding the application and going back to 1st principals.

In answer to some frequently asked questions,

I have a hooklift vehicle and want it to self load, can you supply a demountable body fitted with a crane?

Yes we can, either with a regular hook, orange peel grab or clamshell.

 I have a use for a tipper and also a hookloader and also a plant carrier. Can you supply me with a system where I can interchange the bodies but do not have to carry the weight of the hookloader all the time?

We can supply a hooklift, tipper and plant carrier that fully demounts from the chassis using a hydraulic demount system.

What is the highest capacity demountable crane that I can have fitted?

The largest unit we have fitted that is fully demountable is 36 tonne metre with full remote control for cabins.

I need to deliver woodchip pneumatically but do not want to buy a complete vehicle as I already have a hooklift, what can you offer?

Our woodchip blowers and pellet tankers are fully independent and can be used on any CHEM standard 6 or 8 wheel hooklift.

I run hooklifts on 8 wheelers but need to carry more than 15 tonnes, what can you offer?

Our hooklift semi trailers can carry 24 tonnes payload.

My problem is volume, what is the biggest roro container that you can supply?

The biggest we supply is 70 cu yds and 30 ft long for use on our hook semi trailers

Can your hook semi trailers handle both 20 and 30 foot bins?

Yes and capacities  in between.

Can you offer me a walking floor body that can deliver a full 120 cu yds of woodchip but also deliver smaller loads pneumatically?

We supply walking floor trailers with pneumatic discharge from 60 cu m to 100 cu m.

I use high tip trailers for high level discharge of woodchip. Can you offer me a safer alternative?

We can supply walking floor bodywork fitted with screw discharge for high level unloading.

This is not an exhaustive list of questions that we are regularly asked   but hopefully gives a flavour of our approach. We like to understand the application and operation and provide the client with a money saving  solution. No not every idea is taken up but you never know what is the answer to the question until you ask it.


All we ask is that you give us a try















David Diack

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