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Used Woodchip Blowers & Wood Pellet Tankers for Sale 

30m3 Walking Floor Woodchip Blower

This unit is autonomous and powered by its own 6 cylinder Iveco diesel engine driving a Kaiser Omega compressor

Built so it can discharge without tipping, it feeds the chip to the rotary valve using a Keith Walking Floor. 

Originally constructed in 2013 the unit has low hours and was refurbished earlier this year. It 

can be operated using any 6 or 8 wheel hooklift and is built on a CHEM standard subframe. Discharge time is 50 minutes approx. to unload 30m3 G30/50 woodchip

                                                                        Available at a price of £ 29,500 + VAT

Single axle pellet tanker trailer

Spitzer presssure tank with its own 

Perkins diesel engine and compressor making it autonmous so it can be pulled by any 4 x 2 or 6 x 2 tractor unit.

Offers 15 tonne (nom) pellet capacity with the ability to access sites with difficult access. Equipped with Class 3 'On board' weighing and printer unit.

                                                                 Available at a price of   £ 25,500 + VAT