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Drying Containers for Woodchip

'A' Frame Drying Containers with Perforated sides

The requirements for lower moisture content woodchip means that more hooklift bodies are being specified to act as drying containers as well as delivery containers.Traditionally air dried timber is producing chip with a moisture content of 35% but it can take 18 months to reduce down to these levels. Blowing hot air through the chip turns the virgin chip into a saleable product much more quickly and can reduce the moisture levels down to 20%. Additionally the containers are fitted with a twin door arrangement, connection for the inlet air hose,a perforated false floor to allow the warm air to percolate through the chip and a sheeting systemfor weather protection. Additional ducting can be provided under the false floor to assist with even air circulation if required and the floor can be made removable if required. Why don't you let Hooklift Solutions provide you with a quotation for your Drying Containers?

False Floor Drying Container

An example of a drying container with a false floor for wood & logs

Different rear door combinations are available with the most popular being double doors which allows provision for a centrally mounted air inlet which is fitted with a shroud to deflect the air under the false floor. The warm air then percolates up through the woodchip or logs drying the material as it goes.

'A' Frame Drying Tunnel Containers

9m long 'A' frame drying container

As well as the traditional falsefloor woodchip drying containers, we also supply 'A' frame drying containers. These containers are fitted with a centrally mounted 'A' frame that is clad in perforated sheet which allows the warm air to percolate sideways through the chip and exit via the the sides of the bin which are also fabricated from perforated sheet. The moist air has a shorter distance to travel and the perforated sides allow quicker dissipation of the moist air which reduces the drying time. Like our false floor containers, these are built to a size that suits the customers requirements.

Walking Floor Containers

A new 50yd3 capacity Walking Floor container operated from the customer's hooklift trailer

Whether you need a Walking Floor container for storage of your chip to feed your Biomass boiler or whether you require a container to enable  you to deliver your woodchip or logs where there isn't the headroom or space for a tipped delivery, Hooklift Solutions can meet your needs. We tailor make the size of the container to suit your operation and can construct Walking Floor Containers from 6m - 9m in length which can be used on agri hooklift trailers or roadgoing hooklifts. As the container needs to be powered from the hooklift trailer or hooklift installation if mounted on a rigid, we can pipe up your hooklift or trailer to work the Walking Floor mechanism.

Specialised Walking Floor Containers

Faced with a requirement to minimize dust delivery during discharge to augur systems, this specialised Walking Floor Container has been supplied to Northampton based Wilby Biomass. As it is not possible to tip the delivery due to height restrictions, a Walking Floor container was supplied which has been adapted with a hydraulically operated door at the rear which can govern the throat of discharge to match the augur troughs they feed.

To prevent side spillage, skirts with viewing panels have been incorporated into the rear door and the Walking Floor is controlled by the operator at the rear using a Wanderlead.  

A HTS30 Walking Floor Container for Andigestion

December 2016

This new 30m3 capacity Walking Floor container has recently been put into service by Holesworthy based Andigestion to help them with their growing woodchip deliveries in the South West.

The container was specified with a Walking Floor together with a hydraulically operated 'french door' at the rear to minimise spillage when tipping into augur troughs.

The HTS 30 Walking Floor container can discharge a full load of chip in 8 minutes and is controlled using a Wanderlead control by the operator at the rear. Hooklift Solutions were also responsible for modifying the hooklift hydraulics to operate the Walking Floor from the hooklift vehicle.

Walking Floor storage containers for recycled timber

This 9m long biomass storage container has been supplied to Berry Recycling based in Droitwich for the storage of recycled wood which is used to supply a biomass boiler installed by Ecotec, specialists in boilers fuelled using recycled timber. The container is fitted with a Walking Floor together with heavy duty agitator and discharge augur to supply the feedstock through to the boiler. Hooklift Solutions also supplied the support frame for the container together with the Hydraulic power unit to power the Walking Floor.

Biomass containers for Woodchip storage and tipped delivery

40m3 storage container with a split tailgate to assist in deliveries to augur troughs

As well as Walking Floor containers for woodchip and Drying containers for woodchip, Hooklift Solutions can help with your hooklift containers for biomass storage and regular tipped delivery. We can tailor your containers in size to suit the volume of woodchip you want to store or deliver  and the type of rear door closure that suits, whether a single barn door, double doors, a tipper tailgate or like the example shown, a double hinged tailgate to help regulate the flow into augur toughs. We also offer different sheeting systems for our containers, wherther a simple tensioned sheet or a manually operated 'side to side' sheeter working over half moons front and rear or a 'Slide'n'Cover' which is tensioned from front to rear.