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Dust Extractors for Woodchip and Pellets

We can supply Dust Extractors to work with your Woodchip Blowers and Wood Pellet Tankers.The regulations for ENPlus pellet delivery require dust/air extraction equipment to be utilised during the delivery of pellets to prevent an air pressure  build up during delivery and also to remove the fines that are generated during the delivery process. Whilst the supply of our new equipment has this as part of the specification, we appreciate some operators may want to upgrade existing equipment to be compliant. With this in mind, we are pleased to supply our Dust Extractors as an accessory which you can purchase. Our equipment can be operated on site with a 13 amp plug and is supplied with a filter bag. With a weight of 22 kgs the equipment is manageable and can be stored in a pannier on the vehicle or in an external storage box. 

Pellet Screening for tankers and tanker loading systems

Transmanut have developed the 'Air Knife' technology for 

screening pellets being loaded into tankers for the removal of fines and undersize pellets.

This has neen developed at customer request for medium volume applications for those customers with silo storage systems but has now been extended so 'On board' screening can be offered as an option with new pellet tanker bodywork.