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High Level Discharge for Woodchip

Access to some woodchip stores set at high level can only be achieved using scissor action trailers and scissor action walking floor trailers when there is no provision for pneumatic discharge.

For those customers who already have Walking Floor Equipment for their bulk deliveries and need to service woodchip stores or bunkers, Hooklift Solutions can provide Walking Floor Trailers trailers and bodywork fitted with the addition of screw discharge or pneumatic discharge to permit discharge at high level.

This enables your Walking Floor Trailers or bodywork to handle single deliveries in bulk when required but also carry out high level discharge of woodchip using the same equipment.

This technology was developed in Europe for flour and cereal tankers to enable them to replenish

static silos at works or on farms without the need for additional conveyors where the material needs to be discharged into the silo at a high level.

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