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Woodchip Blower Gallery

Here are some examples of Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip Blowers that are currently in service delivering G30-G50 Woodchip and also bark.

The Transmanut Autonomous Woodchip blower can be operated by any suitable 6 or 8 wheel chassis and offers the highest discharge rate available with its ability to deliver at 60 cu m per hour. The unit is supplied with 6 lengths of 5m discharge hose and can deliver up to 30m horizontally and 5m vertically without any reduction in discharge rate.

2 standard capacity models are available, the 30 cu m (40 cu yd) and the larger 38 cu m (50 cu yd) model that is 600 mm longer and 300mm higher than the standard model.

We have recently introduced a 34m3model which is as long as the 38m3 but as high as the 30m3 model for those customers delivering in areas where low bridges and overhanging trees can provide access problems to customers.

For the delivery of larger volumes of woodchip, we offer 2 x Walking Floor Blower semi-trailers, the 60m3 for customers wanting higher capacity but still handle deliveries where access might be restricted and the largest unit, a 100m3 capacity Walking Floor Blower for those customers wanting the ultimate in volume.

In addition for those customers who want the ability to carry out a blown delivery of woodchip but also accomodate tipped deliveries for those customer with augur troughs, we can supply a

tipper/blower for woodchip that can be mounted on a regular 8 x 4 chassis or 8 x 4 tridem.

For 2017, Transmanut have added another model to the range, an Agri Tipper Blower. This unit draws it power from the agricultural tractor or fastrack and is designed for those customers who need to deliver chip locally and who may not have the volumes or useage to justify a Fully Autonomous Blower. The Agri tipper blower has a capacity of 30m3 of chip with a discharge rate of 0.8m3 per minute.




Double click on the photograph to see each blower in more detail