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Hooklift Solutions: providing you with more carrying capacity

As well as supplying new equipment on a direct sale, lease or contract hire, we also offer a range of refurbished equipment for those customers wanting to enter the hooklift market for the first time who may also have suitable tractor units as part of current operation.

Whether new or used, purchase, lease or contract, Hooklift Solutions can provide you with the right equipment to meet your needs

About us

Hooklift Trailer Solutions can provide you with a range of hooklift semi-trailers capable

of offering you extra volume by operating larger capacity containers from 20 ft to

30 ft in length or greater weight carrying capacity by operating at up to 44 tonnes with a

three axle tractor under.

Typically this can offer a payload capacity up to 24 tonnes for those customers wanting

to increase the weight of product carried or a volume increase in the size of container

for lower density materials. The largest containers that are equipment can handle are up

to 30 feet long with a volume of 70 cu yds


With over 20 years experience in the hooklift field, we can ensure your hooklift trailer is engineered to match your application, whether you are looking for added load carrying capacity in comparison to a 6 or 8 wheel hooklift or require the ability to carry larger containers (up to 30 ft long) for low density proucts such as woodchip or biomass.

You may be looking for a route into hooklift operation and run your own tractor units.

Whatever the application, we can supply a hooklift semi trailer to meet your needs.