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Artic Hooklift Semi Trailers

Artic Hooklift Semi Trailers have been used in Europe for many years but due to the European Weight Regulations have been limited to a GCW of 40/41 tonnes on 5 axles.

For the UK market customers want to take advantage of the additional payload when operating at 44 tonnes GCW that is available for a 3 + 3 axle combination. To be compliant in the UK, C & U regulations mean that the artic hooklift semi trailer needs to be longer than the european version to be compliant on axle spread. In addition, different market sectors have different requirements, the woodchip, waste and foodstuffs sectors favour the use of longer bins to provide higher volume

to be carried whilst the metal & glass industries are looking for the added payload capacity that can be provided in a standard 20 ft container but want the hooklift semi trailer as short as possible for improved manoeuvrability and access to older sites.

To cater for both these requirements we offer two specific trailers, one designed to work with CHEM 20 containers and a second unit that works with containers from 20ft to 30 ft long.

For those customers needing the ultimate in payload capacity, we can supply the HTS 30/9 'Ultralite' model. This particular unit is built to the same specification as our standard model but features a chassis constructed from high tensile Hardox/Domex 700 steel. This to our knowledge is the lightest hook semi-trailer available and has an ULW of 7,550 kgs.

HTS 30/9 model for containers from 20 ft - 30ft

An example of a 3 + 3 combination operating at 44 tonnes

HTS 30/7 model for standard 20 ft containers

HTS30/7 model operating with a 20 ft container